Spice Attempts to Beat Up Karlie Redd on Love and Hip Hop – Watch Video

Wednesday, September 27, 2023, 4:41 PM

Around four weeks ago, it was revealed that dancehall artiste Spice wanted to lay hands on Erica Mena during the filming of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, and today, it came to light that someone else from the drama-filled reality TV made Spice’s list. It turns out that Spice had a confrontation with Karlie Redd, who is her friend and someone who has faced accusations of being obsessed with Spice.



The strife between Spice and Karlie Redd started when the Go Down Deh hitmaker had her health scare, in which she almost died. Karlie did not show up at Spice’s side, and since then, their friendship has taken some hits.

One of the multiple issues they had was Karlie buying the house next door to Spice’s house, which made Spice upset and led her to stop talking to Karlie. The situation worsened when Spice discovered that Karlie had either rented or lent out her house for a video shoot when Spice’s kids were home.

As a result, a furious argument broke out when they and other Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast members were having fun in the Bahamas for Rasheeda’s birthday.

Spice walking toward Karlie Redd

In a clip of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 11 final, Spice was seen trying to hit Karlie, but she was restrained by multiple people. While the Dancehall Queen blurted out expletives and threatened to “beat” Karlie when the cameras were off, the people surrounding her were trying to calm her down. Spice, legally named Grace Hamilton, became emotional during the footage, telling the cameras to quit filming her.

Spice also asked Karlie if her moving from her home was out of spite and stressed that she has always been good to her friend. Meanwhile, Karlie was standing there speechless. “You’re a f**ked-up individual, Karlie Redd. You’re f**king fcked up. I never did nothing but good to you, b*tch!” Spice screamed at Karlie.


Karlie had told Rasheeda before the attack that she wished to speak with Spice and attempt to repair their relationship, but Rasheeda advised her that the time wasn’t right. After the incident, Karlie claimed that the attack was “unprovoked.”

“You see how she attacked me? She attacked me… The fact that someone I look at as my sister would even try to do that to me, like, I said nothing to you, I didn’t even talk to you. None of this makes any sense. I don’t know who she is,” Karlie said.

Speaking on the matter in the confessional, Spice said, “Every time I love a friend, they just betray me.”
Spice also refused to shed more light on the alleged betrayal, saying that she was going to let Karlie continue to “play victim.”

Watch the video of Spice and Karlie Redd below:


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