Spice Plans Another Hot Sumfest Performance as Queen

July 10, 2019 8:24 PM

Spice has called herself the Queen of the Stage, and she is doing all she can to live up to her title. She is carefully planning her performances. Making plans for the perfect Costume, lighting and props.

She doesn’t want to lose the element of surprise, even though she knows that she will need to deliver some of her most popular songs over and over. She is carefully planning as she knows her stage entrance is highly anticipated, and fans are always amazed at how she manages to come out with new inventions each year.


In a recent interview the entertainer spoke about how she focuses on the experience she wants her fans to have and not the pay cheque. Even though she is comfortable with her Sumfest payment. She doesn’t mind going home with less money after she spends on all the things, she needs to make her performance extraordinary. She wants to hold on to the spot as the top female dancehall artiste.

Protecting Her Brand
She likes winning the hearts of her fans, and for her the stakes are high even though she feels pressured, as she has become one of the biggest anticipations at Reggae Sumfest each year.

The team that takes care of all the props and other things that Spice uses to make her performances special are working like a well-oiled machine, they are working on plans to make her next performance special as soon as she comes off the stage at Sumfest. Doing all they can to protect her brand; she knows how much Jamaicans talk about her and wonder what she will be coming with each year. She knows she has already set the bar high, and she plans to do all she can to live up to the high standard she created.

She also spoke about the outfits that are made for her and her dancers and how she designs the set after the outfits are made, before the decision is made about the hairstyles and that is made quite easily. She also spoke about the rehearsals she does with the band and when the props are put in the right positions and more.

Themes are thought of when the props are being made, and Spice spoke about her 2017 performance, she knew her song about “sheets” was doing well at the time. She entered the stage on a bed.

In 2018 the movie “Black Panther” was popular so she wore an outfit that was similar, to what the people in the movie wore.
Fans are waiting to see what she will be coming with when she enters the stage on Friday, July 19th at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay Jamaica. She gave a hint and it seems as if she could be using the theme that will be connected to “Black Hypocrisy” as it was her biggest hit for this year.





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