Spice Promotes SEX-TOY or was She HACKED?

Spice the Dancehall Queen has shared many moments with her fans online, that have always gotten them high in feelings whether in her defence or just by sharing a laugh.

Today the female deejay did just that again when she posted a photo on her Instagram showing a sex toy in the form of a pink Dildo and the post might have caught some eyes when it went up, misleading them to think that the entertainer was about to reelease some personal information about her life however they would have later discovered that she was promoting the object as a part of a business.


Spice is well known for her entrepreneurial spirit which led to her being featured this month on the very notable Forbes website, speaking about wealth creation.

The sex toy business might just be the latest venture by the artiste, even though she never stated that she was the owner of the business.

What she did reveal in the post though, was a testimonial from a woman who purchased a toy and said “OMG! You wont believe it but my husband bought me this for my birthday and it was THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER”.

The testimonial went on to state “Looks like I finally understand how my body works When I started using it our sexual life went to the next level. For real, no joke. My libido increased and now I want him more and more, even my husband cant handle it anymore Idk if I became a nymphomaniac or was it always hidden somewhere deep inside of me.”

The sex toy review was closed out with the person saying “I never thought that I will ever say something like this but GIRLLL… get this fkin toy for yourself, I swear you wont regret it If you are wondering where you can get it from then just click the link in bio of @undercovergoddess”.

In the comments section of the post, there were mixed reactions from people with some only dropping laughing emojis, while others stated they wanted it as well as those who thought having a sex toy is not the best thing for a marriage.


Many could not believe their eyes and questioned whether or not the dancehall queen was hacked. The content was not found on her other social media pages which also raises concerns about who actually made the the post. only time will tell.

One thing for sure is that if the business is owned by Spice, she sure knows how to get by and make her money but how do you feel about it? Do you think sex toys are great help for a marriage?.



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