Spice Replies To Sizzla and Foota Hype

Dancehall artiste Spice is reacting to those who think that she should not perform at the Toronto LGBTQ festival in 2022. According to the queen of the dancehall space, she loves all her fans, “No matter what race or their sexual preference” and male dancehall artistes have been promoting girls kissing in music videos plus singing about threesomes.

Earlier Sizzla took to social media and wrote, “None a dem nastiness bout yah unu gweh. You’ll not corrupt our children any more,” he also went on to ask her to change her mind. While her reply to Sizzla was in the form of a joke, her reaction to Foota was not so subtle. Hours ago, Spice took to Instagram and wrote, “@therealsizzlakalonji Come make mi “pull out” you turban and whine pan yuh back way.”


While in reply to Foota Hype she wrote the following, “I Don’t discriminate ‼️ I love all my fans no matter what race or their sexual preference, it’s not my decision to make. So you’re upset because I’m performing at a pride event when you’ve been working for different pride organizers all your life ? Well I’m very sorry but my music does not stop at your big stinking foot. I never told you I wanted to be white or Spanish looking I’m extremely happy just the rich way I am, so stop the madness , You knowingly have lesbian and gay friends, that you and I both know, so I’m confused at this hypocrisy”.

Spice continued, “The amount of your male Artist friend that you have that have girls kissing girls in music videos and singing about 3 sums, it wasn’t homosexuality then or ruining the culture ? Or is it only homosexualilty when it’s not pleasing you ? All I want is for you to just make everything make sense or is it only when a “SPICE” unu have a problem. Well hear what ? Long story short , a homosexual interviewed you at the USA embassy and give you work visa so that you can come America come work and make “MONEY” so if you run back the USA visa I’ll run back the money 💰 run, run, run, run , run . RUN BACK THE VISA AND THE GREEN CARD AND I RUN BACK THE MONEY. Mi done chat to you , mi well busy sorry. TORONTO CANADA 🇨🇦 I’ll see you soon”.

On the other hand, Fota Hype aka The Viral King took to his Instagram and wrote, “In all my 20+ years as an established product of Jamaica and dancehall and reggae music this is the first time I feel completely defeated ashamed embarrassed weak betrayed in my subconscious mind I was confident that two ppl i would never live to see do this was @spiceofficial and @grunggaadzilla this now drives a serious fear in my consciousness that all hope is lost.”

The event which is eadlined by Spice will feature Dyke March, Bi+ Pride Programming, Blockorama by Blackness Yes, StreetFair, Pride Parade and LGBTQ artistes. The information was first posted on Pride Toronto’s Instagram page and by all accounts, the group is happy to have Spice on their lineup. The annual Festival Weekend is set for June 24-25-26, 2022.


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