Spice Says Cham is Her Baby Daddy – Video

Friday, November 5, 2021, 7:17 AM

Dancehall artistes Spice and baby Cham recently release a music video for their collaboration titled “Condensed Milk”. Spice went live hours ago to update fans on her latest happenings and while doing so she was called by Cham and during the conversation with her longtime friend, she jokingly announced that he is her Baby Father, playing along with the claims her baby father made a while ago claiming that the dancehall artiste was the real father of their son Nicholas Jr. and how much he wanted a DNA to prove the paternity.

While on the live, Spice explains that she was in her wig closet after which she showed off several blue wigs that she has on deck in case she needs to put on one. During the chat Cham outlines the friendship between the two has been since 2003-04 and back then he saw the talent in her and knew that she would be a star mainly because of her performance ability.


Watch the live chat below.


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