Spice Shows $700US Worth of Groceries and New Fridge She Bought for Almost $4000US – Watch Videos

Saturday, October 7, 2023, 5:42 PM GMT-5

Grocery haul packing videos have become a popular trend on social media, especially TikTok, where people tune in to watch videos of social media influencers, and regular people alike go on huge grocery runs and then watch as they pack away all of what was bought.

Taking part in her very own video, Grace Hamilton, more popularly known as Spice, the Queen of Dancehall, shows us how she does her grocery haul.

Wearing her signature colour in a blue wig and dress, Spice tells the camera that she just bought groceries worth $700 and was about to pack them away. However, before she got started, she also made note that she purchased a new fridge that totalled almost USD$4,000.

She stated, “Hey besties, pack away $700 worth of groceries with me. And by the way, I bought myself a new fridge…the total came up to about $4,000.”

After cleaning the inside of the fridge, she packed it with stackable plastic containers for a neater arrangement. She then started to fill the fridge with groceries starting with the different types of juice she bought, namely; Gatorade, Sprite, Kombucha, Fanta, Hawaiian Punch, and Cranberry Juice.

Watch below:

She moved on to adding light snacks such as Yoplait, Nature Valley bars, Trix bars, KitKats, and a mix of other candies. Moving on, she washed her fruits (strawberries, grapes, apples) in the sink, along with broccoli, before adding them to their specific containers.

Other food items that were stored away are eggs, cheese, bacon, milk, fruit juice, okra, cabbage, sweet pepper, carrots, lime etc.

Watch the videos below:

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