Spice Supports Kartel And Updates Her Display Picture to Photo Of the Worl’Boss, Says “Prayers up for @vybzkartel STAY STRONG I LOVE YOU KING”

Widely regarded as the queen of Dancehall, Grace Hamilton aka Spice, has come out strong in support of her friend and colleague Vybz Kartel following a report highlighting Kartel’s deteriorating health.

Spice and Kartel shared one of the most successful musical relationships in dancehall.

Spice went to Instagram via a post to express her frustration with Kartel being allegedly on lockdown for 23 hours daily, given his health condition, according to the medical report outlined by his lawyer Isat Buchanan.

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The Conjugal Visit artiste posted the news report by Fox 5 New York with the caption, “Prayers up for @vybzkartel STAY STRONG I LOVE YOU KING #FreeWorldBoss 🌎🌎🌎 How can you lock a man down for 23 hours every day in a poorly ventilated area knowing his health issues, just because you find a cell phone on his block ? So wah happen a him alone have to pay the consequences for the entire block ? JAH JAH.”

Spice also changed her display picture on Instagram to a picture of Vybz Kartel in support of his current situation. Vybz Kartel and Spice have worked on multiple tracks together, which include Ramping Shop, Back Way, Conjugal Visit, And Private Message, all of which have been hits locally.

The post shared by Spice on Instagram has mixed reactions from fans in the comment section. “How about the person he killed isn’t there family nobody Neva yet talk about that all them say free world boss,” one commenter replied.

Another comment read, “Honestly I’m not saying free, because he was convicted of a crime. I’m not here to debate if he is guilty or not. However, if his condition is a severe as his lawyer says he should at least be afforded the ability to get treatment.”

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In support of Spice’s wishes, one commenter wrote, “The teacher will be back. All demmm try wickedness will never prosper. Jah know this man will be back.”

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