Squash And Insideeus Threatened Over 1 Million Dollars By New Jersey Promoter

The “6ixx boss” Squash and Dancehall artiste Insideeus is now in the hot seat, as they are being called out to return some money that was paid to them for a New Jersey show that they were booked for but did not turn up.

On the attack against the entertainers is the promoter of the event Shawn Don who released a video on the matter that went viral this Wednesday. In the video, the promoter is making the deejays know that he has been waiting on his money and is even getting upset about the issue because he does not want it to damage his credibility.

In the footage, Shawn Don made it known that he is one of the biggest promoters in New Jersey and that he does not do fake promotion, to the point where if he organizes an event and it is not going as he expects he will cancel it.

The Promoter went on to outline the details of the transaction that took place between him, Squash and Insideeus making it known that both artistes received a deposit to perform at the event with the “6ixx boss” receiving $7000 and the “Guard Up” artiste getting paid $1000 for the booking, only for them to text him on the night of the performance telling him that they are not able to make it.

Where the entertainers not showing up for their performance is concerned, Shawn Don says it was all good with him until he was promised by Squash that he would have gotten back the funds on Sunday but the money has still not gotten to him.

In a very upset tone, the promoter made it clear that during his time in the United States he had to sell drugs, work a little, own a business and go into real estate to make his bread, not like the entertainers who only have to do music to make their living.

Shawn Don also highlighted that persons had already paid their 50 dollars to see the artistes and that not showing up could have caused a lot of gunshots to go off, even though New Jersey is not a state that facilitates the free use of a gun. As such the Promoter made it known in the video that the only reason why such a thing did not happen is due to him being responsible for the “grung”.


As a consequence though, the enraged event organizer expressed in clear terms that if the money is not sent back to him, neither Squash nor Insideeus can take the chance of visiting New Jersey again, as well as he will be taking the matter to the vloggers and Instagram users that propagate “mix up”.

Watch promoter Shawn Don Call out Squash and Insideeus for his money below.

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