Squash Goes ALL-OUT In Shabdon’s DEFENCE – video

October 27, 2021 6:24 PM

The arrest of popular Dancehall producer Shabdon has not been the centre of attention however, there have been confirmations that the musician whose real name is Linval Thompson Jr. has been arrested with a co-accused for possession of an illegal gun.

Dancehall artiste Squash who is the leader of the “6ixx” camp recently spoke out defending the freedom of the producer, which might be a very controversial thing in the sight of persons such as Sir P and his followers who had a lot to say in the past video about Shabdon, and his alleged involvement in the criminal activities taking place in Montego Bay.


In that particular video by the vlogger, he mentioned the producer as the ringleader for many of the crimes that have taken place in the second city, while associating Shabdon with the Stone Crusher gang as well as the person behind the deaths of some of the most dangerous men Montego Bay has ever seen.

Some of the most interesting reveal that Sir P did concerning the producer, however, was his identity behind his well known masked appearance, and him being the person allegedly responsible for the death of Squash’s brother “G-man”.

The build-up of the story is a very intriguing one as it saw Shabdon responding to the vlogger’s video by previewing Kyodi’s song on the ” 1 Matik riddim”, entitled “Asset”, on his Instagram that has lyrics telling Sir P to calm since he is dealing with real gangsters.

Shortly after that went down, the “6ixx Boss” Squash took to the studio and recorded the song “No Doubt”, which was a direct message to the blogger telling him that Shabdon is his brother from another mother and would never do such a thing as killing his brother.

The song was even produced by the now arrested producer, and Sir P did not hesitate to do a video addressing the track as weak and something the “6ixx Boss” did out of intimidation and fear from Shabdon.

The situation surrounding what Sir P had said about the Montego Bay based producer went in the dark for a time, however, just about a week and a few days ago it was reported that Shabdon had been arrested after he was found with an illegal gun.


This new development with the producer raised many questions as many people were pondering if the popular “Politricks Watch” vlogger was the cause of the detaining of the producer, but in a video posted after the arrest, Sir P denied being responsible for such a thing.

Just yesterday, Dancehall artiste Squash, took to his Social Media page in a live video which saw him greeting and wishing his fans well, then going on to speak with them how dangerous the world is that we are living in.

With that being said the “6ixx Camp” leader went on to express the phrase “Free Shabdon”, which was well supported by his fans on the social media platform.


Regardless of whatever was said about the producer by Sir P and his involvement in the taking of his brother’s life, Squash does not seem to believe and continues nonetheless to express his loyalty to Shabdon who is well known for productions such as “G6ixx Riddim”, and “Money We Love Riddim” that features artistes such as Chronic Law, Vybz Kartel and others.

Watch Squash below.



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