Squash Disses Skeng in Leaked Song? “Bag a Molly… Wul Him and Clap Him”

Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 10:29 PM

A leaked song from Mobay dancehall artiste Squash is currently making rounds online because of its lyrical content, based on many dancehall fans, the song is a diss song aimed at fellow dancehall artiste Skeng who had earlier seemingly taken aim at Squash.

Notably, in January of this year, a video surfaced of Skeng dancing while an unreleased audio recording played in the background, according to fans, that audio recording by Skeng was a direct diss to the 6ixx Boss. In the song, Skeng deejays, “Knock it pan a 6ixx a wah duh him, a seven up you better bill.”


The lyrics continued, “Cyah even run, yuh belly big, mi nah nuh chill unda pill…to how mi ill innah mi head mi deven care how yuh skill.”

Despite not responding lyrically at the time, months later, an audio recording of Squash has surfaced which seems to be a response to Skeng’s earlier apparent insult. “Smaddy come tek him up, watch it mek mi roll him ova and shot him again,” says Squash in the unreleased song.

He continues, “Mi killa kick him inna him throat and search him pocket, just a bills inna him pocket with a bag a molly… nuh pussy cah shot 6ixx Boss unuh hear wrong.. bwoy run up yo mouth feel seh a chatting, wul him and clap him.”

Listen to Squash’s leaked song below:

In response, one fan wrote, “Squash seh skeng only have a dollar bill inna pocket with a bag a molly this hilarious skeng is to molly as Squash is to 6ixx.”

On the other hand, another person said, “If a artist take so long fi answer mi ..not even would a look pan him.”

See more reactions below:


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