Squash drops Flashy Visual For – Money Fever [Music Video] HD

The much anticipated music video for Squashes hit song “Money Fever” as finally been released. The song was released back in 2018 and is considered to be Squash’s biggest song to date! some might say it was even his break-out song even though he was in jail when it was released.

SOME LYRICS “we ketch a money fever… why yall talk about money and you aint got notn and yo know that yo broke… why yall wanna talk bout the white lady and you aint got no dope dope dope , wah yo know the big benz park up shabdon put it inna sport… weh wi deh wi up town wi up town, wi love gal wi love gun… mi ketch a money fever mi girlfriend a diva big benz park up a nuh tifa 6ix out here we a leada”

Music Video Released April 16, 2019
Dancehall Music Genre
Produced by Shab Don Records

Watch full flashy music video below!


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