Squash – Right Deh Suh : SONG

Friday, March 22, 2019, 6:14 PM GMT-5

Another hardcore dancehall music release from Mobay deejay Squash – Right Deh Suh.

SOME LYRICS “Boy get it inna mouth… Diss one a mi bredda dem yo dead back, coppa inna head top… a suh mi pull up pan di block and every thing a squeeze out… a cud a supa market them a get it right deh suh”


Produced by Sky Bad Musiq
Released March 22, 2019
Dancehall music genre

recently squash had to clear up rumours about him being sick and in hospital, Squash said “wah gwaan now.. yeah people 6ix boss nuh deh a nuh hospital, my apology… mi nuh inna nuh hospital… that was my video shoot” Squash went on to explain that one of his friends got the picture from his video shoot and posted it online without him knowing.

in ending squash gave thanks to all who wished him well and were worried about him, Squash also reminds us of his show that is slated for the end of this month, March 29.

Listen to Squash – Right Deh Suh (Official Audio) full song below

[Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/FCj96B932ys”]

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