Squash’s Mother Disses Big Voice in Reply; Big Voice Apologizes to Fans – Watch Video

The feud between dancehall artiste Squash and Big Voice seems to be getting worse after Big Voice vented a day ago on live chat, calling out Squash and his mother telling both to go such their mother.

Mummy Shan who is also known as ‘Shelly’ took to social media to defend her son and tarnish Big Voice’s name by calling him gay, claiming that she had to buy “curve pad” for him to put in his bottom in the past.


She went on to outline that the police should lock-up Big Voice because he has been creating havoc and “mistriv” in the 6ixx crew.

Watch her rant below:

Despite the reply from Mummy Shan, Big Voice was heard in an interview sending apology to his fans and showing regret about how he dealt with the situation online. “Mi apologize to mi fans them man.. Yuh know a love we a deal wid towards the thing at the end of the day cah nuh man nuh too big enuh fada.”

Listen to Big Voice’s interview after his rant below:

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