St Andrew High School Student, Julisa Reid Missing.. Mother calls for her Return

[Sharingbuttons]13-year-old Julisa Reid missing since Friday and anyone who knows where she is, is being asked to contact the police at the nearest police station or call 911, 876-922-3637 or 876-301-6359. Her mother Shasha-Gaye Hilton is very distressed and she wants her daughter to know that she loves her and she won’t beat her or punish her in any way if she comes home. 

She has asked her friends who usually travel from school at St. Andrew High on with her every day. One friend told her that she saw Julisa on the bus when she boarded it on Constant Spring Road and it was heading downtown, and she was waiting for her to come off so they could walk together, but Julisa stayed on the bus with someone else.

She also received a phone call from a female who said she saw the teens and they said they were lost and she allowed them to shower and eat at her home, as they were dirty. However, she didn’t call anyone to tell them about the girls, she just gave them money and told them to go home. 

Too many teenagers are being hurt in these times, everyone is feeling sorry for this poor mother who has not been able to sleep at nights since her daughter has been missing.

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