St. Ann Man Kills His Fiancée Days After Proposing Then Attempts to Kill Himself – Watch Videos

Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 11:08 PM GMT-5

The police have taken a man into custody who attempted to take his life after he reportedly killed his fiancée. Circulating reports detail that the man, identified as Kevon Shirley, had proposed to his 44-year-old girlfriend, Cameka Haley, days before he killed her.

Cameka’s son found her in bed at home in Windsor Heights, St. Ann on Saturday, with a fatal wound.

UPDATE: St. Ann Man Suspected of Killing His Girlfriend Dies in Hospital

Upon the police’s arrival at the scene, Cameka was found lying on her back on the floor, wearing a nightgown, with visible black and blue marks on her neck, as well as bloodstains on her clothing. It is suspected that the victim was murdered sometime between Thursday night and early Saturday. The cause of death is believed to be either strangulation or blunt force trauma.

On Monday, residents found the suspect, and it was said that he had made an attempt to end his life. This was said in a released audio featuring a woman stating that Kevon ingested Gramoxone to kill himself and jumped into a tank.

“What I heard is that him drink Gramoxone and tried to kill himself by jumping in a tank, but the people dem realise and see and draw him outta di tank and carry him dung a hospital,” the female said in the audio. She also stated that she heard that Cameka was constantly being physically abused by Kevon.

In the past, according to the anonymous speaker, Cameka’s son intervened with a cutlass to “chop” Kevon after witnessing Kevon attempting to hit his mother. However, Cameka reportedly told her son to leave the house after he intervened, resulting in her son relocating to his father’s home.

“A dung a him father him live now enuh. So, a hear dem nuh hear from har and him go up deh and see har pan di bed… and him faint,” she continued.

A video has surfaced showing the distressed man in the large concrete tank, weeping as he expressed his fear of being harmed should he surrender.

“Dem ago kill me…ano spite,” he told the residents, adding that he was sick. The residents urged him to get out of the water, telling him that they only wanted to talk and they would take him to the hospital. “Mi neva lick har yet…Oh God, Oh God,” he continued.

He went on to state that during a dispute, Cameka was hitting him with a spoon, and he warned her to stop, but she did not heed his warnings. The footage ended shortly after, but a follow-up video showed when he arrived at the hospital, where angry protests were gathered.

Additionally, a video of Kevon on his knees proposing to Cameka at the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital where she works is in circulation. Filled with joy, she accepted his proposal, prompting cheers and applause from onlookers.

Swipe to watch the videos of the Kevon and Cameka below:

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