Mitzie’s Son Speaks About His Mother’s Condition in Lockup, Munchie, and Upcoming Court Date – Watch Video

Monday, January 29, 2024, 12:15 PM GMT-5

Mitzie Graham’s story has touched many hearts, and supporters have been sending their prayers for the Jamaican woman who is said to have been wrongfully jailed for cocaine. Mitzie’s son, who shared her story of reportedly being tricked into carrying cocaine in lasco parcels by her friend, has shared more details with supporters.

In an update provided by her son, Mitzie’s reported usual optimistic demeanour has waned, replaced by a sense of pessimism as she questions whether she will ever return home. The currently jailed woman was even offered encouraging words from the police, who, according to her son, believe in her innocence.

Recalling what happened when he visited his mother in lockup, he said, “The police seh to har seh, ‘Mitzie, stop worry yuh self bout bill nuh. You ago go home fi go pay yuh bill.. Mitzie yah gah road, yuh nah come back yah, we done try yuh case already, we know yuh innocent’.”

Furthermore, her son shared that someone would be assisting with the bail process and added that the court date was scheduled for March. However, he refrained from specifying the exact date.

While adding that his mother has only been eating snacks and has not eaten a decent meal since she has been incarcerated, he expressed his sadness to hear that his sickly mother is experiencing such an ordeal.

Mitzie was taken into custody on January 18 at the Norman Manley International Airport after authorities found 4.8 kilograms of cocaine in her luggage as she tried to board a flight to the UK.

Additionally, Munchie, the woman who was allegedly responsible for Mitzie’s arrest, has remained silent to the public.

Watch the video of Mitzie’s son below:

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