St. Thomas Police Threaten Videographer “Mi Wi Tell Lie Pan Yo and Charge Yo Fi Woleep A Things… S_ck Yo Madda” – Watch Video

A videographer, popularly known as Face Xpression, has sent out a plea for help after receiving threats from three members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in St Thomas. The videographer, who apparently feared for his life, released footage and audio of three policemen who confronted him over a video. The dispute escalated to threats of how they would take his life.

Face Xpression

According to Face Xpression, he wanted to wash his vehicle down by a river, but a JCF service vehicle blocked the path. The three officers were said to be having their lunches, and he, needing access to the river, honked his horn at them several times. Even though the police saw him, they were reluctant to move their vehicle. “Mi toot di horn again, nuh movements, so yuh know weh mi do, mi seh somting nuh look right yah so enuh so mi start to video caw dis a fi my safety caw a mi alone inna di car enuh and a three a dem and mi a seh bwoii di country a run away, and right now mi nah tek nuh check caw dem a move away suspicious,” he explained.

While he was videoing, the officers began to reverse their vehicle as they argued, saying, “Batty bwoy, go s*ck yuh madda.” The officers seemingly realized they were being videoed and stopped. One of the policemen exited the vehicle and approached him, saying, “Tek di phone outta mi face.” He slapped the device away, which fell into the bushes and recorded the heated argument.

“Di man dem tek out gun and start crank up and ago cuss me, tek out gun fi lick mi inna mi face…and mi nuh do nuting. A likkle way mi a ask di man dem fah enuh,” he continued. In the audio, one policeman asked, “Weh yah ramp wid man fah, batty bwoy?” The officers continued to utter expletives as they argued. He pointed out one of them, whom he claimed knew him, but the officer denied it.

 A policeman stated, “Hey bwoy mi wii send yah INDECOM enuh.” One of them said, “A so we deal wid fool like yuh.” He added, “Yuh nuh see we a bloodcl**t move and yuh still a video.” As the audio continued, the officers warned him to “avoid police” wherever he saw them. Another asked if he was videoing them for his “gunman friend.” One of them also warned that he would “buss” his face. “Yuh ting a joke ting mi deh pan? Mi wii tell lie pan yuh and charge yuh fi wol heap a tings, p*ssy,” one threatened.

Face Xpression, pleading for people to share the video as much as possible, claimed that the officers threatened to kill him if he released the footage.

Watch the video of the incident below.

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