Stacious Explains Why She Wanted to “Shot” Her Uncle a “Hard Box” in His Casket as She Talks Her Journey in Music – Watch Interview

Wednesday, February 7, 2024, 2:26 PM

Multifaceted entertainer Stacious’s love for the stage goes beyond that of music. During an interview, the dancehall artiste discussed her love of acting, dancehall, her career endeavours beyond music, and her childhood.

Born Stacy Scarlett, the artiste explained that her stage name, Stacious, was a nickname given to her friends and a play on words combining her name and the word delicious. A Kingstonian by birth, Stacious shared that she moved to Portmore with her mother when she was three to live with her uncle.


During her Interview with Teach Dem, Stacious expressed that she never liked the man due to an altercation she witnessed between him and her mother. The artiste recalled watching him slap her mother so hard that the toothbrush that she was using flew from her mouth.

According to Stacious, she vowed to hit him and would love to have “shot him a hard box” before he died or in his casket. But, unfortunately, he was not buried in Jamaica. Speaking about her life before dancehall, the Good Life singer shared that music was not her first love.

Stacious said she was initially very passionate about the theatre during high school and wanted to become an actress. However, she was a part of both her school and church choirs and wrote and took part in school clashes as well.

Speaking on her introduction to dancehall and recording, Stacious said a producer asked her to do some background vocals for him while she was in New York. She was later introduced to veteran producer Paul Henton, also known as Computer Paul, when she returned to Jamaica.


While she initially approached Henton to be a part of his girl group, MBC (Make Boys Cry), the producer decided to sign her to Bootcamp Recordings as a solo act. Stacious lauded Henton for his mentorship and for sheltering her from the horrors of the music industry.

While with Bootcamp, Stacious released songs such as Thug Gal and Dream, featuring Saul Paul. Despite holding Henton in the highest regard, Stacious said she later signed with DocMac Entertainment.

The artiste explained that the industry was changing, and she needed someone to promote her music in the streets. But there was no one at Bootcamp to do that. Stacious further shared that it was much more difficult to build an audience back then, and she spent many late nights at parties promoting her music.

Stacious went on to discuss meeting Bounty Killer, whom she expressed she wanted to be the female version of. Initially a part of what Bounty had dubbed his ‘gyaliance’, which was made up of artistes such as Ishawna, she later officially joined the Alliance.

The artiste notably released her single Come Into My Room with Mavado at this time. Reflecting on the success of the track, Stacious said copyright issues prevented the song from reaching its true potential. The song is a derivative of Kylie Minogue’s single Come Into My World.

Stacious went on to discuss her other career endeavours, such as producing music, pursuing personal training, starting her juice shop, and volunteering at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH). The artiste also discussed her friendship with Ninja Man, whom she praised for being resilient amid his incarceration.

Watch the interview below.

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