Stefflon Don Returns For Jada Kingdom In Disrespectful ‘Dead Gyal Talking’ Song

Saturday, January 13, 2024, 6:59 AM

UK dancehall artiste Stefflon Don seemingly is not about to back-out of the heated lyrical warfare any time soon with Jada Kingdom. She returns after being absent for a couple of days to drop the newest song in the ongoing battle, a track titled ‘Dead Gyal Talking’.

This new release is a witty hardcore disrespectful song that seeks to outdo the previous releases with several jaw-dropping allegations.


One of the many allegations Stefflon Don made about Jada is that she had a sexual relationship with veteran Reggae artiste Truck Fenda while she was a teen, looking for a big break in music. Steff also claims that Jada had sex with Skillibeng for a feature plus slept with Rytikal for gains.

Stefflon Don also compared Jada’s Birkin bag gift to her Rolls Royce, asking her to keep up.

In what can be considered a low blow, Stefflon Don made mention of the Kingdom having a miscarriage, however, claiming that Jada was the one that terminated her pregnancy, “yuh a dash weh belly gyal”.

Some lyrics, “s**ck yo madda gyal yuh a dash weh belly gyal… bus Jada face that a duppy jus born… yo a wah duh yuh stinky twinkie miss Jada condom.”

After releasing the song, Friday around midnight, Stefflon Don took to Instagram to inform her fans of the new release, calling the East Side Queen “Stinki Twinki” in the caption of the post.

Earlier, the UK artiste talked about Jada Kingdom telling several lies in her song, in terms of killing her father for fame and also sleeping with her uncle plus having “a baby at 15 etc”.

Notably, while Stefflon Don did not counteract all these claims by Jada, She made sure to counteract the part about killing her father for fame. “Sacrifice which dady bitch mi believe inna god,” Stefflon Don outlines.

Listen to ‘Dead Gyal Talking’ below:

Previously, Jada Kingdom dropped “London Bed” diss track.

Now, most people in the dancehall world are left eagerly anticipating what Jada Kingdom will come with next.

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