Steve Irwin’s Son Rob Almost Eaten By A Crocodile

Robert Irwin the son of the infamous “Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin almost reached a fatal end on Sunday after he almost had a 12-foot saltwater Crocodile eat him alive.

The ordeal took place after the son of the “Crocodile Hunter” tried to feed the animal that goes by the name Casper, in an enclosed section at the zoo he was based.

Surprisingly Casper reacted to the feeding differently than was expected, as the reptile totally ignored the food and sprang violently at Irwin, ready to swallow him up alive, forcing him to have pulled the ripcord and be shouting bail!. Luckily for Rob, his co-workers were quick to help him escape from a hungry Casper, who obviously preferred human meat that day in contrast to his usual meals.

One of the reasons that might have caused the animal to behave in such a ridiculous manner might have been due to him moving into a new habitat and not being comfortable there. The scary moment was captured on film and will get its feature in the final episode of the Animal Planet series called “Crikey” which features several members of the Irwin family.

Overall, Robert Irwin is doing a great job so far, carrying on the works of his father, which was well respected by professionals working within the animal kingdom as well as those persons who found joy in watching the “Crocodile Hunter” program.

Watch video of Robert Irwin being attacked by huge Crocodile below.

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