Student BLOCKED FROM CLASS after being Accused of Intimacy With SCHOOL COACH

Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 11:43 AM

A Jamaican High School has decided to prevent one of their Grade 12 students, from accessing her Google classroom account, after the 17-year-old girl was accused of being intimately involved with an extracurricular activity coach from her school.

According to the Jamaica Star who initially published the story, the teen was spending some time on the school campus due to being recruited by one of their extracurricular teams for an upcoming competition. It is reported that on Sunday, the student was seen alone in a classroom by a dorm supervisor, who reported the matter to the principal.


The reports are that upon hearing the story, the Principal hosted a meeting at 9 pm with the coach and the student, then proceeded to call the Police about the matter, who went to the school and took statements.

The mother of the 17-year-old was very aggravated by what had transpired, readily defending her daughter stating to the Star that her daughter was given unfair treatment and also was bullied by the Principal.

The reason for the mother’s claims of her child getting bullied was because she was given threats of expulsion if she did not allow an administrator to search her phone, for which the student refused while she was being questioned in a Monday meeting. As a result of her failure to allow the search, the student’s Google classroom account was disabled.

According to the mother of the teen, she has suffered great financial losses because of the situation since she had to purchase things like lab books and other school necessities for her daughter which all goes down the drain now since she has to find a new school for her child to attend.

Luckily for them, however, the mother said she was accepted at another institution but has until Friday to pay the registration fee of $86,000, which she is not sure of since she does not know where it will come from.

The 17-year-old girl’s mother, also expressed that she has a looming fear of not getting everything in order, by the time they were told they had to.

Otherwise, the parent of the teen is defending her daughter by letting it be known that she is a straight ‘A’ student who has 9 distinctions, and a Grade two from this year’s Caribbean Secondary Examinations (CSEC) and does not know what her daughter is being accused of.

She also mentioned that the situation places her daughter in a very tricky spot since she was in the process of preparing to take 5 subjects, in the Caribbean Proficiency Examinations (CAPE).

The teen also gave her side of the story by explaining that her coach was assisting her with a chemistry project when they were both seen by the dorm supervisor in the classroom, and reported that the reprimanding she got made her angry, leading to an altercation with the security guards that were present at the time.

When contacted by the Jamaica Star, the Principal of the school refused to give any information regarding the situation until a meeting was done with other members of the School board.

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