Stylo G Exposes his Baby Mother’s Activities in Video

March 4, 2020 3:58 PM

Stylo G says his father told him that when he grew up, he should build his house and now his Baby Mother is giving him problems when all he wants to do is build a house for his kids.

He says he is doing good now and remembers the days when he grew up in a small 1 bedroom, but he has money and he is building his house for his children, and he wants to have a relationship with his son.


Stylo G said he is from Homestead and he wanted to become a star and his kids mother said he was not talented, but he managed to achieve his goal.

He now wants to send money for his son in his accounts. He said his father didn’t leave anything for him, so he wants to set up something for his son and his daughter.

Stylo G states that money in his account is stuck currently because of the drama “di wul a the money inna my account now stuck, fi bil mi house fi mi kids”.

He didn’t want to live the party lifestyle and he is now building his future he wants her to leave him alone because he doesn’t want anything more than what he has now.

He said his hand slipped out but he saw a message that his baby’s mother had sent to him and it made him upset, he believes he is still doing good now, with millions of Jamaican dollars and thousands of English Pounds in his accounts now that he is a successful artiste.

Stylo G states that he is building a house for his children to live in when they come home.


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