Stylo G Stuck in Jamaica but still Rocking the World

Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 3:36 PM GMT-5

Stylo G the international recording artiste is a Jamaican-British citizen who is stuck in Jamaica because of Covid-19.  He is looking settled, comfortable and says he is staying home in Kingston with a packed refrigerator.

In a recent interview on OnstageTV, Stylo G told host Winford Williams that as a public figure he is listening to the Prime Minister and following the protocols.


His kids are in the UK so he is communicating with them and he is holding out until the time is right to travel again.

He explained how he found new hit songs in Jamaica after the success of ‘Touch Down’,  ‘Dumplin’ and other songs, he saw where the thing was getting hot and he came up with another banger.

Even though not many artistes know when a song will hit, Stylo G says he knows which song will hit in the different places around the world. He says he has mastered his craft and when he hear the children talking about his music he gets an idea of what his music will do.

Stylo G says England is his second home and he knows what to put in the pot to hit in the UK. The people can’t resist his music when he puts the English sauce in it.

“This new song has started to do well over there already” he explains, he was in Jamaica working all along. Over 40 shows were cancelled for him because of Covid-19 and he fed over 250 families who can’t afford to buy what they need, he did so via his foundation.

He has a foundation that is very active in Jamaica at the moment and he is doing a lot for people also.

Stylo G is thinking outside the box and he is working hard, not getting over confident, he just keeps on working as he wants to run the world and not just Jamaica.

He is encouraging everyone to stay in and follow the rules, as people are dying in bigger countries and he doesn’t want to see that happening on the island.

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