Suspect Accused of Killing Girlfriend and Her Son BREAKS DOWN CRYING During Interrogation – Video Report

This video clip has been making rounds online, it features a male murder suspect who has been accused of killing his girlfriend and her 10-year-old son. On the third day of the capital murder trial of defendant Tyrone Johnson, the jury was shown a video of his police interview after the crimes were committed.

The incident reportedly took place after an argument about what to watch on the TV. The estranged suspect claims that he was attacked by the son but investigators prove otherwise, stating that the kid was scared and tried to hide under a bed before he was hunted and gunned down.

One person commented, “This crying is about him not about his victims. They were beautiful and looked exactly alike. R.I.P Mother and son,” while another outlined that, “He wasn’t crying like that when he killed that baby and his mother.”

Learn more from the video report below.

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