Tami Chin and Wayne Teach Gio Classic Dancehall Moves in Comedic Video

On a regular day when the family decides to forgo cooking and get fast food at Wendy’s, celebrity couple Wayne and Tami Chin Mitchell teach their son Gio Mar (biologically related to Wayne and stepson to Tami) about the history of classic Jamaican dance moves.

A four-minute plus clip was shared to social media of the couple introducing old dance moves to the seventeen-year-old and teaching him how to do them one by one.

The clip starts with the three of them, Wayne, Tami, and Gio, walking into what seems to be the living room with drinks and a big bag of Wendy’s. Tami could be heard stating, “No you know what a realize…nuff a these kids weh a dance nowadays, dem love dance ennuh but dem don’t know the classics.”


Wayne agreed with her by saying, “That a true. For example watch dis now…” and then they began asking Gio, who was in the back, to perform some of the classic dance moves by calling out the names of dances. They asked him to do simple yet famous moves like the della move, butterfly, and bogle dance moves but the teenager was unable to get even one right. This had Wayne questioning if he had done his job of being a father the correct way.

This prompted Wayne and Tami to switch things up with a change of outfit befitting of old-time dancehall days, with Wayne in a mesh marina, glasses, and gold chains, and Tami decked out in a blue wig, glasses with hangings chains, a marina, and cut off jeans shorts with red mesh stockings underneath.

They taught Gio through demonstration how to do Bogle, Butterfly, Willy Bounce, World Dance, The Della Move, among others while they sang and then he tried to do them.

Watch the full video below:


The video was posted to Wayne’s TikTok account and he asked the viewers if they were versed in the classics or if they were a part of the generation who only knows how to do modern TikTok trends. Many comments mentioned Tami’s blue wig and userkimico, talking about Gio, said, “If him nuh know butterfly how him ago know Bogle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.”

Another commenter wrote, “Gio just nuh knw nth bout dancing πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜….” Gio himself also left a comment stating, “Ay me is a man weh will learn.”

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