Tanya Stephens Defends Barrington Levy From Rape Allegations

Veteran Reggae artiste Tanya Stephens is defending her fellow musical peer Barrington Levy after persons following her claims of rape 30 years ago, started to implicate the legendary Jamaican artiste.

Things got heated when the female entertainer had a conversation with public figure Shannon Mack, where she discussed the details of the tragic situation that Stephens said happened to her when she was 17 years old.


After that talk with Mack, many people were wondering who the person could be, based on the descriptions that the ‘It’s A Pity” artiste revealed about the person that sexually assaulted her.

Persons have since then been implicating popular Reggae singer Richie Stephens as the person behind Tanya Stephens situation since she said the individual used to refer to her as his little sister, which made people think she was speaking about the veteran male vocalist since they share the same last name.

Barrington Levy’s name also popped up amid the allegations which seemed to have aggravated Tanya, who was quick to let her fans know that she only met the male singer when she was old and that she never knew him when she was little.

As such Stephens asked her fans to stop with the allegations against Levy, as he has not done anything to her.

In her same talks against persons assuming the Identity of the artiste she said raped her, the veteran female singer spoke out against interviewers who she described as having ulterior motives when trying to get information out of her.

The singer also colourfully disrespected the persons commenting under her posts, inquiring about the identity of the person she is implicating, stating that she is not going to let any rapist earn from the situation.

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