Tanya Stephens Rape Accusations Questioned by Foota Hype “Call Name”

Monday, October 4, 2021, 7:44 PM GMT-5

The viral King Foota Hype has given his opinion on the rape allegations put out by veteran Reggae singer Tanya Stephens, and he had some very interesting things to say.

In the video put out by the popular selector on his Instagram account, he made it clear to his followers that he is not interested in asking the “It’s A Pity” singer pity about the Identity of the entertainer she accused of raping her, due to her disrespecting people requesting such information.

In the same video by Foota Hype he did mention that the situation concerning the Chinese woman coming out and accusing veteran Reggae Singer Richie Stephens, of sexually assaulting her was different since she had called a name.

In going back and forth with his followers In the Instagram live video, the “Viral King”, said he was not working with no clues as to who Tanya Stephens is talking about and if she wanted to say who it was she would.

Foota Hype, went on to speak about the matter by expressing his confusion as to why the female entertainer would come out to talk about such a serious matter if she did not plan to call any names.

Some of the selector’s followers seemed to have been saying that she does not want a lawsuit which she did speak about in a video where she also bashed persons who wanted to interview her, for allegedly having ulterior motives for wanting to talk to her about the issue.

In that video that Tanya Stephens did she expressed that she is not going to let any rapist earn from the situation.

Foota Hype is not having it, however, as he questioned in the video that if the situation caused her to come on a public platform to talk about the situation, why not call a name?.

Tanya Stephens in her video she did, spoke in a very strong manner, that she will not be tolerating any gossip and as such will not be calling any name.

The allegations have now become one of the main talked about things in the Jamaican music community, and with the Chinese woman coming out and saying what she did about the legendary Richie Stephens, it seems as if things are just heating up.

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