Taxi Driver vs 2 Policemen Heated Confrontation Caught on Camera, “Different approach now… Yuh ago get this the haad way!” – Watch Video

Sunday, February 11, 2024, 7:48 PM GMT-5

A Jamaican taxi operator was apprehended following a confrontation with two police officers during what appeared to be a traffic stop. 

The confrontation, captured by an irate passenger, has garnered attention online due to the forceful methods implemented by the policemen.

The video starts off showing the driver sitting inside his vehicle with the police standing near the window, a female passenger can be heard defending the taxi driver in the audio. 

The passenger, filming from inside of the vehicle, angrily expresses that the taximan has done nothing to deserve such hostility from the police.

The first policeman can be seen grabbing the driver’s hand through the window before the second officer puts one firm arm around his neck to restrain him. 

That action prompts the passenger to protest even more. However, she is ignored by the police as they instruct the driver to exit the vehicle.

“Di man doe do dem nuting more dan di man seh go look fi gunman and thief,” the female passenger said.

When the driver steps out of the vehicle, one of the policemen seemingly hauls him away from the driver’s door.

The passenger emerges from the vehicle and continues to argue with the police, shouting that the taxi driver did nothing wrong by telling them to seek out gunmen and thieves.

Right before the video ends, the policemen can be seen arresting the driver, while the passenger asserts that younger officers in the Jamaica Constabulary Force are often unfair.

Watch the video of the incident below:

After the video was shared on Instagram on Saturday, many viewers took to the comments to chastise the police. 

IG user fresha_boss said, “Those two police officers need a lot of training and discipline.” Another IG user said, “I love that she speaks up and advocates for this man. Abuse of power. Ah dem a di gunman.”

Read more of the comments below:

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