Policeman and Taxi Driver Crazy Altercation, “Unuh Kill Mi… If Unuh Wah Shoot Mi Shoot Mi” – Watch Video

Sunday, October 29, 2023, 6:07 PM GMT-5

A police officer and a taxi driver were captured in a heated argument after the driver refused to comply with the policeman. The video of the argument began with the police attempting to search the taxi operator.


The taxi driver stood with his arms up, urging the police to proceed with his search, but the policeman attempted to drag him away from the car, which was when the altercation started.

The man motioned as if he would hit the policeman with his elbow, leading the policeman to shout at him.

The police still tried to pull him, demanding that he step away from the car, but the driver refused and ultimately bolted inside while the police continued to haul him. Another policeman arrived on the scene and stopped his colleague from dragging the driver.

The driver shouted that he was not going to exit his car and added that he was harassed for his driving documents, which he claimed to have handed over. He shouted, “Unuh Kill Mi… If Unuh Wah Shoot Mi Shoot Mi.”

Watch the video of the incident below:


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