Teacher Reportedly Bursts 8-Y-O Boy’s Head with Lysol Bottle – Watch Video, Listen Audio

A teacher at the George Headly Primary School at Baldwin Crescent in Kingston 20, St. Andrew, has been accused of striking a student with a Lysol can and drawing blood. The incident reportedly happened when the child was misbehaving in class, leading the teacher to hit him three times in his head with the disinfectant spray can.

The mother of the schoolboy went public with a voice recording and a picture of the child’s injury, informing the public about what reportedly happened.



She allowed her 8-year-old child to give his account of the incident, which started with him saying he was misbehaving, and the teacher punished him by hitting him twice.

Teacher Reportedly Busts 8YO Head With Lysol Bottle11

“Mi did a give trouble. Miss did lick mi inna mi head two time…but mi head neva did buss deh time deh,” the boy said.

He continued by saying that when he continued to speak in class, the teacher inflicted corporal punishment again, hitting the boy a third time. “And den mi did a talk again, and Miss did lick mi wid di Lysol bottle and dah time deh mi head did buss… Three times I got lick wid di bottle.”

Watch the video of the boy’s injured head below:


The child’s uncle also spoke out expressing his anger and said that he was going to report the matter to the Ministry of Education, and his sister, the child’s mother, would also file a report with the police. “Wah kinda abuse dis a gwan pan di pickney dem a school?” the irate man asked.

Listen to the recording of the uncle below:


The incident has sparked backlash on social media, with viewers urging the parent to take action against the teacher. One commenter said, “Them love take out them man problem on the kids but best believe we both would be arrested that day.”

Sharing the same anger, another person wrote, “Call me immature but mi woulda bus back the teacher’s head with the same bottle!! Out of order!!! Imagine if that same injury causes long term effect Kmft.…”

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