Tech Essentials For Your Office

Monday, November 1, 2021, 2:07 PM GMT-5

Office workers are among the most common computer users in the world. While some would prefer to use their home desktop or laptop, more people are using their work computer, which is typically a Windows machine. Most office workers have an email account on their computers, as well as use Microsoft word and excel programs. If they need to access any other kind of data on the go, they can use OneDrive to store it on Microsoft’s Cloud Services for easy access on all devices. Technologies such as VPNs allow office workers to access their workspace at any time, even from their iPhones (

The first essential piece of technology for any office worker is a Laptop Computer. A smartphone certainly has applications that can be useful at times (especially with OneDrive), but it cannot compare with having your important files always available no matter where you are. Plus, a laptop can be used to do work in the office without taking up space, which is ideal for telecommuters.


A high-end laptop will likely cost at least $900 (US) and many run upwards of $2000. They typically have good technology including SSD hard disks (, 16GB or more RAM, 4th Generation Intel Processors, 7200RPM SATA 3Gb/s Hard Drives and matte screens with low reflection. Additionally, it should come with USB 3.0 ports to allow fast transfer rates for file transfers between devices.

The second major piece of equipment an office worker will need is a printer. Printers are inexpensive these days (with prices starting around $75), but they must still be selected carefully. Higher-priced printers are capable of printing multiple pages at once, have automatic feed trays to keep paper from running out, are Energy Star rated and come with laser toner cartridges. The printer must be set so that it can print double-sided documents as well to save paper.

The third essential piece of equipment for an office worker is a scanner. Scanners are often not given enough thought when purchasing computer hardware but the right kind of scanner can make your life much easier. For example, scanners that can scan both sides of a page at one time will allow you to quickly move files into your folder system. As long as you work with large amounts of data regularly, this will save you time every day.

Gadgets are not just for fun. For example, a headset can allow you to be on conference calls while working away from your desk, freeing up the phone line so others can use it. A speakerphone will give you hands-free access to important client meetings or conference calls. Portable keyboards are useful when travelling if you don’t want to bring your laptop with you.

A good choice of USB equipment also has its benefits. A printer cable allows you to plug in your printer without using an unsightly power cord that gets caught on things and is too short anyway. When an extension cable is needed, get one that is not bulky but instead has retractable coils inside of it. If possible, purchase USB cables with cords of different lengths depending on where you plan to use them. Wireless keyboards and mice are also convenient and will stop people from tripping over cables because they can extend very far.

Finally, a modern office worker should invest in a digital camera. Even if you don’t want to be a photographer or take artistic shots, having photos of your clients (or the products you work with) is essential for many jobs. Place it somewhere within reach so that it can be used as needed without too much delay. Just make sure the computer screen won’t reflect off the lens while taking pictures.

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