Teejay Blasts Byron Messia After the 2 Had a Confrontation in USA, “Go S**k Out Yuh Muma… This Caa Done Pu**y” – Watch Video

Sunday, October 29, 2023, 8:17 AM

Dancehall star, Teejay says he wants the world to know that he and Byron Messia are not good and their growing beef won’t end anytime soon. The Drift artiste blasts St Kitts and Jamaican artiste Byron Messia after he allegedly approached him in public without saying anything while he was with his girl and one of his friends.



Teejay detailed in his latest live chat that he expected that Byron would have attacked him physically, seeing that he was not with his entourage.

“You a see man inna a place and a walk up to man and nah seh nothing battyboy like you a idiot, kill me dead this yah man a ge me two thumb inna me face a while ago bro and a me and me and me nigga and me woman alone tan up deh, and this yah man a look pon me, mek bay police come dung pon we a create excitement like you a look clout off a me,” Teejay revealed.

Teejay also warns Byron to stop following him up, he then encourages the Talibans artiste to buy a house and impregnate a female. The entertainer continued by dissing Byron’s mentor, Prince Swanny, along with his friends.

“Hey boy, go suck out yuh muma and me a mek the world know seh me and you nuh good pussy and me and none a yuh friends nuh good, go suck yuh mother Prince Swanny, suck yuh mother Ztekk, go suck out all a uno mother whatever uno waa name battyboy cause this caa done pussy,” Teejay declared.


In closing out his angry rant, Teejay jokingly invited Byron and his team to his upcoming concert overseas so that they could party and enjoy themselves.

See the video below:


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