Teen Girl Vows to Give Chris Brown Head “Everyday” if He Let Her, Another Girl Shows Off Her Tattoo of the Singer on Livestream – Watch Video

Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 6:29 PM GMT-5

Chris Brown did a livestream with Streamer Adin Ross and guests were allowed to talk to the two males. During one of the many conversations, an 18-year-old female professed her love for the ‘She Ain’t You’ singer and what she would do to please him every day.

In the now circulating video, the female said, “Hey Chris brown… I love you so much…i would literally s*ck and f*ck every single f***ing day i dont think you understand…. everyday non-stop constantly all the time.”


Watch the now-viral moment below:

Chris Brown responded, stating that he was flattered but he won’t let her because of her age. However, even though C-breezy turned her down, she was not trying to hear that and went on to outline that she would leave her boyfriend “100%” to fly out and meet with the singer.

Further on in the stream a female shows off a tattoo she has of Chris Brown she has on her hand.

Notably, most of the guests initially did not believe that they were talking to Chris Brown and expressed shock and admiration once they found out the chat was real.

Watch more from the stream below:

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