Teen Secretly Dating 63-Y-O Man She Works for

Left confused as she contemplates whether she should continue her relationship with her employer, a teen girl has disclosed how she became entangled in a secret relationship with a 63-year-old man.

The teen, who did not share her exact age, revealed that she started working for the man after he asked her mother for permission to have her wash and clean for him at his house. She shared that the man’s house was extremely filthy upon her arrival, but she quickly saw to the cleaning and suggested improvements, such as purchasing a washing machine.


Further detailing the man’s condition when she began working for him, the girl shared that he has never married and does not have children. However, before her arrival, a woman had lived there but left after robbing him.

The teen went on to disclose that the elderly man cannot read well, but she has promised not to take advantage of him. Writing to the Tell Me Paster column for advice, the girl said that she and the man became very close and are now lovers.

As she is helping him, he will be assisting her in furthering her education, but she said he has expressed a desire to start going to church. Hence, the 63-year-old now wants to know if she will stay with him or if he should find someone older.

In addition to sending her back to school, the teen shared that the man gives her whatever she wants, but she has been keeping their relationship a secret. She explained that neither her family nor his are aware that they are together.

According to the teen, some people are aware of their relationship, and despite being labelled a cradle-robber, he has expressed that he is very proud of her.

Expressing her confusion regarding what she should do next, the teen said her parents would not want her to marry him, and the man has admitted that they would never accept him.

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