Tesla Vehicle Seemingly Automatically Stops to Avoid Accident – Watch Video

The moment a Tesla managed to stop just before a car sped through an intersection and crashed into a truck was captured in a now viral video.

The video, which appears to have been recorded using the dashboard camera of the vehicle driving directly behind the Tesla, begins just as the traffic light turns green. As can be seen, the Tesla is moving forward slowly, but within a few seconds, it has ceased to move forward.


A vehicle drove through the intersection and collided with a white truck that was right next to the Tesla, causing it to roll onto its side as a result of the collision. The video ended at that point.

“Tesla Model 3 stopped itself to avoid potentially disastrous accident,” the title of the video stated. However, it was not possible to independently verify whether the car was able to stop on its own or if it was that the driver was the one who stopped it.

See the video below:


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