The Decolonization Process in Jamaica Has Started — Watch Video

In a speech by Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Marlene Malahoo-Forte (J), the joy of delivering the news of what will take place when Jamaica has fully removed the monarchy as its head of state was evident on her face.

The short news clip captured her stating, “Once we have abolished monarchy from our makeup, the makeup of our form of government, it will be replaced by the Office of the President of the Republic of Jamaica.” The minister went on to explain that Jamaica will be keeping the office of the Prime Minister with this new change and that the President would be the Head of State and the Prime Minister would be the Head of Government.

The clip informed the viewers that a nomination and confirmation process for the president will occur to choose this representative, and indicated that the separate houses would do so by a special vote. The Member of Parliament, Anthony Hylton, also shared his thoughts, saying that they have begun a process of decolonization and that both the reigning and opposition parties were in support.

The video also indicated that a non-executive presidency was selected with some of the authority of an executive, which is differentiated by the level of power that the president holds in a republic.

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Watch the video of the announcement of Jamaica beginning the process of decolonization:

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