The Fun Facts about Reggae

Monday, March 11, 2019, 7:39 AM GMT-5

It is no doubt that music forms an integral part of human life and entertainment. It is good for the body, soul and even the spirit and almost every human being resonates with a good rhythm and music.  Reggae is one of the mainstream music genres which have gained their popularity over time. Most reggae lovers associate the music with a chilling effect that appeals to their whole being. Some professional thesis writers associate their tranquillity to their love for reggae music. Also, the fact that it is mostly about the social issues happening across the world makes it even more authentic. People love listening to something that they can easily relate with. Below are some of the fun facts about reggae:

  • Accidental Invention

Most people who adore reggae music have no idea that it was actually invented by accident. There were some reverberations of a certain beat which made it sound offbeat and this way, reggae was birthed. The fact that the offbeat sound appealed to the listeners made it even more fun. This gave room for the inventors to get even more creative to give this genre a unique touch.

  • Reversed Guitar Roles

In its uniqueness, reggae has an interesting reverse in the roles played by the bass and the lead guitars. Instead of the regular where the guitar provides the melodic lead line, the bass does that while the lead guitar provides the rhythm. This does not lead to confusion but rather a special and unique musical sensation.

  • Royal Attention

Reggae has not only gotten the attention of the common citizens of its origin country and the world at large but also of some uncommon dignitaries. The queen of England once presented an artist of the year award to one of the reggae artists. If reggae was not profound then probably the queen would not be available for such an award.

  • Numerous Derivatives

The music genre reggae is no doubt a big deal and a force to reckon with when it comes to its relevance and influence even today. However, the fact that there are more than fifteen music forms that have been derived from reggae makes it even more interesting.

  • Laughable Disagreements

Despite being a widely appreciated music genre, there are still a few disagreements in reggae regarding the origin of its name. Some claim that the word reggae was derived from the word Regi which in Latin means to the king. While others believe it is from the same word but in Spanish which means the king’s music. Again, it has not yet been established which was the first reggae song to be sang. Some say it was ‘Do the Reggay’ while others say it was ‘The long short’.

Final Remarks

Even though reggae has been around for decades, its popularity has only been growing despite all the changes that have occurred over time. Its authenticity and the vibrancy that comes with its unique rhythms have traversed time and ages. It is now normal to find a thesis helper who is a reggae lover.






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