Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 12:31 PM GMT-5

Following the death of 62yr old Owen Clarke AKA ‘Father Fowl’ last Saturday, a new viral voice note as surfaced with a male saying that they want 100 men dead for the death of the British link up boss. However, assistant Commissioner of police for Area 4, Devon Watkis, said that the police are not focusing on such threats.

“Social media is on open platform that conveys information, and it also accommodates fake news,” he said.

While the police will not disregard threats, Watkis said that they are focusing on finding the persons involved in Clarke’s murder. He said that the police are still in the initial stages of their investigation, and they intend to use credible information to probe the case.

He went on to ensure the public that,

“We are examining all medium including WhatsApp. We have no basis to negate the possibilities, but in terms of policing, as the area officer, we must in all circumstances do our due diligence and to act against any opportunities for persons to exploit, to cause harm, or any disruption to our general public safety. As it relates to the investigation, we have adopted a similar posture, and we will certainly continue to be vigilant around all places that are affected,” he said.

Clarke was killed last Saturday morning in Kencot, St Andrew.

It is said that he was shot multiple times by unknown men who rode up on a motorbike. He then collapsed in front of his red Range Rover motor vehicle and died on the scene.

Meanwhile, videos are being circulated about a possible rumours that at least seven persons have been killed as a result of Father Fowl’s death. However, Watkis dismiss these rumours.

“We are unaware of that or anything of the sort. Certainly not in my space, I have no idea of anything happening elsewhere that is in connection (Fowl’s death), but we have no credible information to suggest there is a connection,” Watkis said.

And he went on to say,

“So, while those possibilities will be present as we speak, what we are doing is a comprehensive investigation into Mr. Clarke’s death. We are doing that with objectives in mind, which are to find perpetrators, to restore calm and to execute justice where it must be applied,” he said, while asking persons who might have information on the incident to tell the police what they know.

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