The LAPD is Investigating allegations against the wife of Dr. Dre

October 17, 2020 7:51 AM

An investigation is underway into the alleged embezzlement of Nicole Young, wife of Dr. Dre whose real name is Andre Romelle Young. According to TMZ, Larry Chatman, the business partner of Dr. Dre files a report with the Police Department of Los Angeles. Moreover, TMZ also claims that Nicole Young has withdrawn about 400K USDs from the business account without permission.

According to LAPD, Dr. Dre had 385.029K USD in one account and $353,571 was removed at once via a cheque his wife constructed. The investigators now believe Nicole Young stole the money and misused the cash. The department has now a keen focus on the allegations, if Nicole Young is charged, she may face time for embezzlement.


Dr. Dre has complained about his former wife taking out money in the past from their account just because they are not seeing eye to eye. It is claimed by Dre that Nicole made withdrawal two times from the account without authorization in the period of a divorce case.

Still, Nicole Young says she has a right to the money as her name is on the account. She also claims the investigation of the case is just a smear campaign and PR stunt because she seeks to move forward in her life after the divorce.

It came as Dr. Dre won the legal battle against Nicole Young. At the start of this month, a judge rejected the claim of Nicole Young that the music mogul, should pay her almost 2 million in monthly financial support to sustain her costly lifestyle.

There is no question regarding Nicole having both the legal and contractual rights to take any action. The inquiry came after the decision of the Los Angeles judge that Dr. Dre would not have to pay 6.5$ million to Nicole Young for their separation.

They both spent a lot of time more than 24 years together. Now Nicole Young wants a divorce from her husband Dr. Dre for several reasons. Moreover, they also have two children, a son (23 years old) Truice Young, and a daughter (19 years old) Truly Young.

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Nicole Young asked Andre to pay 5$ million for her legal team and 1.5$ million for the other expenses like security. She wants security as her lawyers said he had been threatened during the separation.

According to TMZ, a judge rejected his request in the early days of this month, with Nicole Young noting that the rapper had previously removed security details.

There have been disagreements between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young over a pre-arranged deal. Previously, Nicole Young was married to Sedale Threatt who was an NBA player. Nicole claims that initially she signed an agreement, but later Dr. Dre ruined it at the better time of their marriage.


In court documents, the founder of Beats Electronics claims 1$ billion in the family and full ownership of the property, prompting Nicole Young to “request 1$ million to maintain her financial status.”

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