These are the Most Popular Jamaican Mother’s Day Songs

Sunday, May 12, 2024, 8:56 PM GMT-5

Throughout Jamaica’s musical history there has always been some well-celebrated songs, especially those dedicated to the wonderful mothers out there. Since today is officially Mother’s Day, these are 8 of the top songs that are usually played to honour mom, in Jamaica.

This list was put together by YARDHYPE and is based on the song’s popularity islandwide .

10. I Octane – Mama You Alone

This was one of Octane’s break out hit songs that cemented his spot in Jamaican music. “Mama a you alone” the emotional song is a special one geared to all the single mothers out there who had to take on parenting on their own.

9. Jah Vinci – Mama Love

Jah Vinci, the Worl’singer wrote this song for his mother but music lovers from all over the world took it on as their own.

8. Judy Mowatt – Black Woman

This song was recorded in 1979, on Caroline International’s label by I trees member Judy Mowatt and speaks to the struggles that black women had to go through to be at a place where they are free.

In the piece of music, Mowatt draws reference from history outlining the pain females had to embrace while being sold and kept as chattel, however, the singer’s wonderful harmonies and depth of lyrics used in the song could help to free any Black Woman’s mind.

7. Vybz Kartel – Mama

Released in 2009 the music video for the song has racked up over three million views on YouTube. The song highlights Vybz Kartel’s endless love for his mother and also shows us his versatility in music, one fan of the song stated “mama still the best the man should award for this song”.’

  1. Marion Hall – No less than a Woman (Infertility)

This next song was produced and released by VP Records in 2007 and was sung by former Dancehall Queen, Lady Saw who spoke about matters concerning infertility in the lyrics.

The main point of the track was to highlight that, not having a child does not make a female less than a woman, and the song is certainly an anthem and motivation for all women who are going through personal issues that might be defying them of the opportunity to conceive.

  1. Strength of a woman – Shaggy

This next track was released off, International Jamaican artiste Shaggy’s Lucky Day Album and immediately became a hit as it was unique in that the entertainer highlighted an idea in the lyrics, wondering if God is a woman.

The song is very impactful where the praising of females are concerned as Shaggy spoke up the good things that a woman will do to change a man’s outlook and so the track has become very well appreciated in the music space.

  1. Tarrus Riley – She’s Royal

She’s Royal came at a time in the music timeline of Jamaica, when lovers of Rock Reggae music were looking for a resurgence and Tarrus Riley filled the space perfectly with She’s Royal.

In this song, the singer sang about the loyalty and Royal character of a good woman in the sense that she is always confident and knows just who she is.

Riley goes on in the song to describe how he sees his “Royal” woman by outlining the natural beauty he sees in her.

  1. Christopher Martin – Mama

When it comes on to mother’s day “Mama” by Christopher Martin is a sure play, as the song was crafted specifically in the year 2012 for the great mother’s out there.

The singer makes it known in the song that there is nothing he would put above his mother, and goes on to describe his undying love for her and the things she has done for him.

The song was done on “Perfect Key riddim”, by DZL records who later went on to produce classics for Chronixx and many other great Jamaican artistes.

  1. Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry

This song is one of the biggest by the super legend Bob Marley and was done by the singer, to show his appreciation for women in his life.

Released on the “Rastaman Vibration” album in 1976, “No woman no cry” went on to be one of Marley’s biggest hits, being played all over the world and loved by many.

The track is often played on Mother’s day in Jamaica and continues to be a beacon of light for females worldwide.

  1. Sizzla Kalonji – Thank you, mama

Most people in Jamaica will agree that “Thank you mama”, done by Sizzla Kalonji Is the biggest Mother’s song to be ever done by an artiste.

The track which was released in the year 2006 on the entertainer’s “The Overstanding” album, became an instant hit overnight as it contained everything from the perfect message, vocals, production and love from the people.

In the super Mother’s track, Sizzla shows much appreciation to his mother for the 9 months she carried him before he was born in this world, and also goes on to talk about himself growing up with thoughts to provide for her needs.

As far as Mother’s day is concerned in Jamaica, there cannot be one without this song playing. Even if we are in lockdown there will definitely be those persons ringing out the track in their houses for mom.

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