The World’s Richest Man Ex Wife will get $35 Billion of Amazon Stock after Divorce

April 6, 2019

In January, Jeff and Mackenzie Bezo announced that they would be seeking a divorce after 25 years of marriage. It was then reported that Jeff had allegedly been unfaithful to his wife as he had a relationship with TV presenter Lauren Sanchez during the marriage. The world’s richest man then accused the tabloid that dropped the bombshell, of trying to extort him.

Mackenzie posted a tweet the stated how grateful she was to have finished the divorce process and how much she is looking forward to co-parenting with her ex. She also thanked the persons who reached out to her in kindness and she posted about what she was giving up as she looked forward to moving on to the next phase of her life.


Mackenzie will be the third richest woman on the planet when the divorce is settled. She had worked in one of their companies for a while before she decided to leave and be a stay-at-home Mom for her four children.

Jeff also posted a tweet in which he said how grateful he was for Mackenzie’s kindness and support throughout the process.

The couple met and got married before the Amazon business was launched, a number of persons including President Trump have stated how unhappy they are about the divorce.


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