This Air Jordan Shoe Sold For a World Record Price

Monday, May 25, 2020, 1:51 PM GMT-5

Sneakers are now the latest addition to the growing of valuable collectibles. Basketball legend, Michael Jordan’s game-worn sneakers surprisingly recently sold for $560,000 in an online auction by Sotheby’s.

According to their news release, this was three times more than the $150,000 selling price estimated by the auction house. The price of the autographed Nike Air Jordan 1s shoes has broken the world auction record for a pair of sneakers which had been set $437,000 last year during the auction of the Nike “Moon shoes”.

The auction for this pair of Nike Jordans consisted of ten bidders from six countries from four continents across the world.

The Nike Air Jordan 1s were made exclusively for Michael Jordan and this particular pair were produced from February to April 1985 and was worn by Jordan during an early, pivotal time of his career.

Like most of his shoes this pair is mismatched with a size 13 left shoe and size 13.5 right shoe with the right shoes showing off Michael’s signature in permanent marker. Michael Jordan wore Air Jordans till October 1985 when he broke his foot and had to skip play in 64 games to heal. 

This auction coincides with the closing of “The Last Dance”, a 10-episode documentary on the dynasty of Michael and the Chicago Bulls. This turned out to be ESPN’s most-viewed documentary ever.

The high going price of the shoe is just another piece of evidence of the respect and recognition the world has for Michael’s legend.

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