This Man Advising Jamaicans to Take Their Money Out of NCB and Run! Reports Millions Removed From His Account – Watch Video

Tuesday, October 24, 2023, 6:23 PM GMT-5

A National Commercial Bank (NCB) customer has issued an urgent warning to Jamaicans residing in the country and diaspora to remove their money from the bank, as he allegedly lost millions from his account.



In a video shared on social media, the customer, Garfield Williams, urged existing NCB customers and individuals planning on placing their funds into the bank to “run.” According to Williams, things first went wrong with his account approximately four months ago when he received a notification that an attempt to use his card from a different parish than where he resides was declined. Though multiple checks on his account showed that nothing was wrong, Williams went to his local bank to inform them of the incident.

He was given a new card, which Williams said was not the correct procedure, and his account should have been completely shut down.

Williams said millions were later removed from his account over a single weekend, and he had not received any notification from the bank. After reporting the matter, he was told that the money had been moved to a Scotia Bank account and provided with the name of the individual it was sent to. Williams’ account was subsequently shut down, but after waiting three weeks for a follow-up call, he went back to the bank after failed attempts at getting the matter resolved via customer care.

A member of the cyber unit was then placed on his case, but that yielded no results, and his case was eventually transferred. After going through a similar questioning process and delayed phone calls with no information as to how the case was going, Williams’ case was transferred once again, this time to a manager at NCB. A month later, Williams was allegedly told that NCB was not responsible for the funds that had been withdrawn from his account.

Williams questioned how NCB could be completely guilt-free after he had entrusted them with the safekeeping of his money. Expressing his frustration, Williams said the Jamaican justice system was not protecting working-class people and questioned why citizens were advised to safeguard their money in a financial institution.

Watch the video below.


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