This New Jersey Kindergarten Teacher Says “People Are Just Hating” After Parents Call For Her Termination

The New Jersey art teacher from the Township of Pennsauken responds to the hate that she is receiving online after the news of parents pushing for her termination from her classroom was circulated on the internet.

The call to have her removed from teaching in a kindergarten classroom was made (to the authorities via letter) by a group of parents who believe their kids are getting distracted in class. Existing laws, however, prevent having a teacher fired because of physical appearance.

Toyboxdollz (social media user name of the preschool teacher) went live on social media to say that many of the hate comments that she receives are from men instead of women as one might initially believe. She states that the female commenters on her pages “got my back”. Toyboxdollz made it clear that some of the female mothers of the children from the school that she teaches are some of her biggest supporters.

She also stated that men leave some of the most disrespectful comments on her page about the children in her class and that she teaches babies so no one is thinking anything like what is being commented.

The reaction to her response video had someone say, “biggest lie this year. Ain’t no way it’s the men reporting her. If anything, the men are telling their friends about her so they also join on dropping the kid off.” Another viewer who thinks that women hate on each other behind their backs commented, “the “moms” are sandbagging her behind her back and goading their husbands into complaining about her. Fact.”

Watch the response video below;

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