Tiger Attacks and Drags Woman Away After She Gets Out Of Car at Safari Park in China – Watch Video

A woman sustained massive injuries but managed to survive a brutal tiger attack after she was pounced on by the animal after leaving her car while driving through a safari park in China.

Footage of the incident, which took place at China’s Badaling Wildlife World, has resurfaced on the internet, revealing the woman’s near-fatal encounter with the tiger.

The woman, identified by her surname Zhao, can be seen in the video exiting the vehicle she was touring the park in with her husband, mother, and child. The Badaling Wildlife World allows visitors to drive themselves or join a tour with others.

After stepping out of the right side of the vehicle, Zhao walks around to the left side of the car. While it was initially alleged after the incident in 2016 that Zheo left the car during an argument with her husband, the family later clarified that she was feeling car sick.

One of the tigers at the park approaches Zhao from behind, pouncing on her and then quickly dragging her away out of the view of the camera.

Her husband and her mother ran after her, with park rangers arriving as the video ends. While Zhao managed to escape alive, her 57-year-old mother, Li, was attacked by another tiger and succumbed to her injuries before she could be rescued.

Watch the video below.


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