TikToker Jayden Apologises for Joking About Pursuing Underaged Girls – Watch Video

Social media personality Jayden received backlash for joking about paedophiles targeting little girls.

Following the wave of criticism, Jayden released a video apologising for his actions. In the video, Jayden stands wearing a blue shirt and says, “To di whole a TikTok community. Jayden here, am telling you guys sorry for the video that I posted a few days back. Am really sorry.”

The joke was made as a part of the new TikTok trend featuring TikTokers listening to Judgement by Nigy Boy while demonstrating the various things they turn a blind eye to.

In Jayden’s skit, he is only wearing boxers and sunglasses as he moves around a kitchen using a stick. The caption that accompanied the video read, “U nuh see di girl a 12,” indicating that he will turn a blind eye to an underaged girl.

Watch the video of Jayden below:

Read some of the comments below:

He continues by expressing that he hopes to gain forgiveness for the “bad joke” he made, emphasising that he is deeply sorry for his actions.

Watch the video of Jayden below:

The video, captioned “im sorry,” was posted on his TikTok page on Wednesday. It has since garnered mixed responses from viewers, with some accepting his apology and others doubting its sincerity.

One viewer said, “Apology accepted bro Jamaican ppl must learn to forgive them own kind.”

Another viewer wrote, “him nuh mean it none tall yuh can see the smile on his face😒😒.”

A third viewer commented, “Even if him nuh mean it at least him mak the time go apologize.”

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