Toddler Abandoned by Parents in St. Catherine – Watch Video

A toddler was reportedly abandoned by his mother and father in Linstead, St.Catherine, on Saturday.

A video of the boy, dressed in shorts and a black tank top, has been released to the public and is currently circulating on social media. Seen in the video was a group of concerned adults gathered around the child, with one woman providing him with something to drink.

Details regarding the identity of the boy’s mother and father or why he was left were not shared in the video. However, his parents appeared to be known to some at the scene.

There were seemingly conflicting ideas regarding what was to be done with the boy, with one woman suggesting that he be carried to the police station or home, while another suggested bringing the boy back to his father.


Viewers of the video did not take kindly to the adults’ present slow decision-making, with one person stating, “Carry the baby to the station and stop with the (f****ing) circus and filming. He’s a person, and he will grow up and see this one day. Unuh nuh have nuh damn sense. The police will circulate a picture, and he will either be claimed by his parents if he’s lost or if he’s been abandoned, the child services will take him.”


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