21-Year-Old Jamaican Woman Charged with Abandoning Newborn Baby in American Bush

South Carolina Police announced on Monday that a woman was charged with abandoning her newborn baby girl in bushes in the state. There is evidence that Britney Wheatle, who is 21 years old and from Jamaica, has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, based on documents found online.

Upon being found by the police after a resident reported the incident to the authorities, Wheatle admitted she abandoned the child in the bushes. The mother is a student in the USA on a J1-visa and had the baby in an apartment while pregnant.


The woman was taken to the hospital for medical treatment before being transferred to the J. Rebuen Long Detention Centre for further processing. At present, she is still in custody with a bail set at $10,000.

It was reported at a news conference by North Myrtle Beach Police Department Public Information Officer Pat Wilkinson that the newborn baby was discovered outside of a residence in North Myrtle Beach.

In his statement, he stated that a local homeowner had reported to the police that she saw a woman strolling around the neighbourhood who seemed disoriented. It was eventually determined that the woman’s identity was Wheatle.


According to Wilkinson, a local from the area indicated Wheatle was trying to get to Walmart, where she worked. The resident offered to drive Wheatle to Walmart.

While taking a walk later that evening, the resident became certain that she had heard the sound of an animal rustling, most probably a kitten, rustling about in a shrub.

According to Wilkinson, she discovered the infant lying in the mud without any clothing or a blanket on top of her; she was passively lying in the mud. After taking the infant out of the mud, the resident contacted 911 immediately.

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