Tonia McDonald, Beachy Stout’s Wife Purchased Gun Right before her Death

Friday, April 16, 2021, 6:05 PM GMT-5

Everton ‘Beachy Stout’ McDonald will know his fate on April 30, 2021 after he was accused of plotting the murder of both his wives in two separate incidents.

It is alleged that Tonia McDonald, Beachy Stout’s second wife whose, partially burnt body was found along the Sherwood Forest main road in Portland, with the throat was slashed, had bought a gun on the night she was killed.

She seemingly had planned to avenge her father’s death and didn’t tell her husband about it.

Samuels, Beachy Stout’s lawyer argued that both cases against his client are like legal fiction, as his client had no reason to kill his wives.

However, Denvalyn Minott, the contract killer was arrested and charged after he pled guilty in the home circuit court. He claimed that he was paid $3million by the husband to kill his wife, but he hired another man to carry out the murder while he watched. He was then sentenced to 19 years in prison.

Bert Samuels said his client had no reason to kill his wives. He also said Tonia had an issue with a jealous lover and she was ending a relationship with him. 

The first wife who was murdered 12 years ago had left her husband after the marriage had fell apart and it is alleged that he hired a police man to kill her.

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