Top 5 ideas of non-sexist gifts for women

Monday, January 22, 2018, 8:01 AM GMT-5

Top 5 ideas of non-sexist gifts for women from

Searching for gift ideas for women sometimes may be a huge challenge for men. It doesn’t matter if she is your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother or a colleague. Choosing a decent gift is hard especially if you sincerely wish to please a close person.


The complexity of this task also increases because women nowadays are extremely sensitive towards sexism and clichés. The times when the best gifts for women were kitchenware, lipsticks, and new food processor passed at least two decades ago. So, what it is better to present to a dear woman?

  1. A book

It is painful to realize that hundreds of years ago women could not get an education. Today, erudition and a habit to read books regularly are highly valued. Popular TV shows and magazines for women offer great reviews and recommendations, so reading has become even a certain trend. Today, every conscious lady has her favorite writers and literature genres. So, don’t hesitate to present a book for special occasions. But what about girls who just don’t like reading much? We have a good answer: there are art books, compilations, books dedicated to cinematography, theatre, technologies, science, cookery, sports, design, pop-culture, and other things a woman can be keen on. In this case, such gift is a great collectible that can be saved for years ahead.

  1. A ticket to a special event

Great gifts for women may not have a physical form. The recent trend is presenting good memories, feelings, and impressions. A ticket for a music festival, famous play with a celebrity cast, premiere of a movie of her favorite director, and a day in a crazy amusement park – these are only few among the dozens of options. Learn about tastes and interest of your “object” carefully, keep your plans a secret, and then you will definitely make a huge and memorable surprise.

  1. A CD with her favorite music

It is impossible to live on the Earth and not be interested in music. Not everyone can call themselves music nerds, but in fact, this art always excites every single person. So, if your dear woman have her favorite band or singer, there is nothing better than forget about all the clichés among gift ideas for women and give what she really loves. There are numerous of options considering music. It can be just an album, a collector’s edition, special collection of several disks, a concert DVD, and many more. Before making such present, be sure she has a relevant device for playing and does she already have such edition. Just in case…

  1. A basket full of fruits

Chocolates, candies, and other sweets are considered the best gifts for women because a vast majority of them is total sweet-tooth. However, most of girls nowadays look after their weight, and in addition, the quality of chocolate decreases rapidly. In order not to upset your dame with another bunch of calories, pay attention to more natural and healthy substitute – exotic fruits. They look terrific, remind a bucket of flowers (which some women also consider a cliché) and they taste so good. Moreover, some of the fruits can be quite rare to buy in a regular market, so you add a tiny dose of pleasant memories.

  1. A trip

Everybody loves travelling, so plan a trip for your sweetheart. Best gifts for women are those that they will remember, and even a small trip to the nearest city always brings new emotions and impressions. To make everything right, ask her casually, where would she love to travel and what plans does she have in nearest months at work. Trip can be a nice surprise; nevertheless, you should prepare her in advance so that she would not change her other great plans for a travel.

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